At Kem Kinetics, we have a full line of boiler, cooling water, condensate and closed loop treatments. MSDs are also available upon request. For info on the companie's custom formulation, click here.


Foulants, corrosive by-products and scale can form on boiler and chiller tubes when a proper water treatment program is not being followed. They cause excessive power consumption. Carrier has calculated that 0.012” of scale, rust, or shine on chiller tubes will increase cooling costs by 9.2% or according to Cleaver-Brooks, 1/32” of scale on boiler tubes will increase heating fuel consumption by 7.2%.

The cost of energy has been increasing over the last few years and projections indicate that will continue to rise in the future. Conserving energy can save money and reduce maintenance costs. A good operator and an engineer in present industry is aware of the fact that water treatment chemicals are different from other chemicals and cleaners. They have to be followed by service. A water treatment program is crippled without quality service and gives almost no results. Kem Kinetics offers not only quality chemicals, but also has a service team of experienced chemical engineers. Plant personnel are trained by our engineers to conduct daily water treatment tests. Water treatment seminars are conducted. Basic chemistry behind water treatment is taught and fundamental principles are explained.

Industries Served


    1. ∴ Air Conditioning
∴ Manufacturing Plants
  • ∴ HV/AC Systems
∴ Metal Processors
  • ∴ Cold Storage
∴ Refineries
  • ∴ Construction Companies
∴ Metal Processors
  • ∴ Film Processing
∴ School Districts
  • ∴ Food Process Plants
∴ Rubber Plants
  • ∴ High Rise Buildings
∴ Vegetable Oil Companies
  • ∴ Convalescent Homes
∴ School Districts
  • ∴ Hospitals
∴ Colleges